New Years Resolutions


According to the University of Scranton, the top three New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 are:

1)    Lose weight

2)    Get organized

3)     Spend less, save more

I could instantly identify with this, because I went to the thrift store yesterday and here’s what I did:

1)    I saw a copy of Susan Powter’s book Stop the Insanity (remember Susan Powter, the fitness guru with the shaved head?), and skimmed through several chapters hoping to find her weight-loss/fitness secret.    (Spoiler alert:  There’s no magic formula.  It’s all about balanced eating, regular exercise, and a healthy self-image.)  I have to admit I didn’t buy this book (since, like most people, I already have five similar books), so it may still be on the shelves waiting for you.  The thrift shop also has a lot of guides to healthy eating, low-fat cookbooks, walking shoes, and a food scale to help you with this resolution.

2)    Next, I stopped at the “Office and Tech” section, where the organizationally-challenged can find file folders, three-ring binders, an in/out basket, and desk and office organizers – putting you on the path to achieving Resolution #2.

3)    The ENTIRE thrift shop helps you spend less and save more! I found a top from a well-known mall store (which shall remain nameless) on sale for $2, which I knew had originally sold for around $50.  Resolve to spend more time in 2014 checking out our bargains!

The FOURTH most common New Year’s Resolution is:

4) Enjoy life to the fullest!

One of the things that contributes most to our enjoyment of life, and the feeling that our lives are meaningful, is doing something to help others.  Helping the Assistance League of Irvine, by shopping at our thrift store, does just that.  The sales from the shop directly support our programs in Irvine.

So when you shop at the thrift store – you’re actually fulfilling FOUR New Year’s Resolutions.  Where ELSE can you get that kind of result? Head over to the shop and get started today!