The rescue of Washington

Last week I made a trip to Washington, D.C. Forget Congressional confusion – let’s talk about wardrobe confusion. There I was with my suitcase, trying to decide what to pack – because, as we all know from watching “Scandal,” people in Washington do not dress like people in Los Angeles. My usual daily summer outfit (workout pants and my In-N-Out t-shirt) just wouldn’t cut it. And with humid, 90-degree weather predicted, my winter pants and sweaters would be too hot.

The thrift shop to the rescue! I found a pair of gray pants (suitable color for October in Washington!) that were dressy enough for the city but casual enough for travel, and would match lots of different-colored tops. These amazing pants were only $5.00 and were so versatile I was able to get by with just a carry-on bag – thus saving me the charge to check a bag each way. With THAT savings I was able to splurge on a dinner of Maryland crab cakes.

Lesson learned: no need to go to fancy travel catalogues for your travel wardrobe – just visit the ALI thrift shop!

Models, Washington fashion show, 1924