If you love to read, we’ve got an offer you can’t refuse. We’re currently selling TWO books for ONE DOLLAR. Mix and match hardback and paperback books – any combination! But if you buy just ONE book, it’s still going to be one dollar. So you might as well buy TWO.

We have many, many books by popular authors that are practically new. At this price you can stock up, and you’ll be ready for a cozy night of reading when the next El Nino storm hits.

This offer doesn’t apply to any books with individual price tags (for example, some specialty books will have their own price sticker) or children’s books. Children’s books are $1 for hardbound books, 50 cents for paperbacks or soft-cover books, and 25 cents for mini-books.

We also carry recent magazines at just 50 cents each.

You can use our two-for-one-dollar price for anything else – mysteries, literature, biographies, history, cookbooks, how-to books, romance novels – such a deal!

We’re ALWAYS getting new book donations, so stop in often to see what’s new on our shelves. Just remember – TWO for ONE when you’re in our book section.


The Irvine Gomi Pile

Back in the ’80s my cousin and her husband were stationed on a Navy base in Japan.  There they discovered the “gomi pile.”  The Japanese didn’t have thrift shops or secondhand stores where they could donate used items.  Instead, once a month they put anything they didn’t want any longer in the neighborhood “gomi,” or garbage, pile to be collected by the trash truck.  But this stuff was hardly garbage.  Houses and apartments had little storage space, so most of what went on the “gomi pile” was still in fantastic condition – the owners simply didn’t have room to keep it.  My cousin got a television, a china set, pottery, electronics – all retrieved from the gomi pile!

We don’t have a “gomi pile” in Irvine, but we have something much better – the ALI THRIFT SHOP.  You can donate your gently-used clothing, housewares, toys, and jewelry – and replace them with clothing, housewares, toys and jewelry from the sales floor that is NEW TO YOU.  And the shop is open Wednesday through Saturday – so you don’t have to wait for the once-a-month collection.   Come in and see what you find!