Save Us from the Count

6f310952637a10439f8c88775093e3c6Remember Count Von Count from Sesame Street? The Count, a muppet vampire dressed like Bela Lugosi, likes to count things. He counts. And counts. And counts.

At the thrift shop, we count things, too! Once a year, at the end of May, we take an inventory of the items in the shop for our financial statements. Since we don’t have a bar code system to automatically track our merchandise, we count everything by hand. Just like the Count! (Except that no one has yet asked us to appear in a muppet movie.)

Your ALI volunteers aren’t like Count Von Count. We don’t LIKE to count. We want to get back to running our shop and raising money for our programs. So in order to have fewer things to count, we’re holding MONSTER SALES until the end of the month. Everything must go, go, go! Or we’ll have to count it!

You can save us from the Count! Check out our weekly sales and come in to shop. If you buy it, we don’t have to count it. And the only thing YOU’LL need to count is how much you saved!