I know you readers are all good voters who have been studying your sample ballots, watching the debates, listening to the political commentators on TV, and reading newspaper articles about the candidates. The thing about voting is, eventually you have to narrow it down to Just One Choice. And that may be hard to do!

A lot of choices seem overwhelming and confusing . . . BUT NOT AT THE ALI THRIFT SHOP. Our prices are so low, you don’t have to decide between Item A, Item B, or Item C. YOU CAN TAKE THEM ALL!

That’s right – you don’t have to settle on JUST ONE. Most of our tops are priced at $5. So are skirts and shorts. Most pants are $6. You’ll find some higher prices on expensive designer labels or brand new clothes that have never been worn (you’d be surprised at how many donations we receive with the original store labels and price tags still attached). But most of our clothing prices are less than the cost of a fancy frappuchino.

So if you try on three tops and you can’t decide which you like best – YOU CAN TAKE THEM ALL. NOT JUST ONE!

We’ll see you at the shop soon. And remember to vote by March 3!