What’s better than ONE fantastic week at the ALI thrift shop? TWO fantastic weeks in a row! That’s right, not one but TWO weeks you won’t want to miss!

THIS WEEK:   Wednesday, October 30 through Saturday, November 2, is a GIANT 75% OFF SALE. EVERYTHING in the store EXCEPT jewelry and hand-made cards is 75% OFF THE MARKED PRICE. You read that correctly – 75% off clothing, housewares, shoes, purses, books, toys, artwork, linens . . . we don’t need to go any further. It doesn’t get any better than this, EXCEPT IT DOES, BECAUSE  . . .

NEXT WEEK: Wednesday, November 6 through Saturday, November 9, is when our CHRISTMAS AND OTHER HOLIDAY ITEMS WILL BE OUT IN THE STORE FOR THE FIRST TIME! Yes – Wednesday, November 6 is our annual holiday extravaganza! Be in line at 10 am on Wednesday the 6th to get the first look and best choice of our amazing Christmas and Hanukkah items, at prices way below those at the mall! And you’ll easily be able to afford those holiday goodies, because you’ll have saved so much at the 75% off sale the week before.

Two weeks like this only come once a year, so make the most of it! See you at the shop!


Did you ever wonder how all our new merchandise gets out on the shelves of the thrift shop? You walk in the door at 10 am on a Wednesday morning, and – all these things you didn’t see the week before are there! It seems like magic!

Well, we’re not in a Disney movie, and no one waved a magic wand. Little singing woodland creatures didn’t re-stock our shelves overnight. No – the answer is: Monday!That’s right – Monday! Every Monday morning, a group of dedicated ALI volunteers show up at the thrift shop around 9:30 am. We pull unsold, outdated items off the shelves. We dust the shelves and polish the glass cases, And then – we re-stock! New items go out, and the shelves fill up again. The whole process takes us three to four hours. And we repeat this every Monday, just to make sure our shoppers have the best selection of gently-used merchandise in Irvine!

The next time you drive by our shop, think about all the activity that goes on behind the scenes on Monday morning. Then be sure to stop in on Wednesday to see the results of Monday’s work!