It’s June – which means it’s time for summer blockbusters. And what’s the biggest blockbuster in Irvine? Our Assistance League of Irvine’s thrift shop SUMMER SPECTACULAR on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1!

Lights, camera, action! WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1st is the day we bring out our summer merchandise! The store will be COMPLETELY RE-STOCKED with summer tops, pants, and dresses, summer shoes and purses, and fun jewelry to go with them. You’ll need some new outfits to wear to those summer blockbuster movies, and the ALI thrift store is the place to find them.

Check out our giant selection of HAWAIIAN-THEMED CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES! These are perfect for summer barbecues or pool parties. We also have lots of summer and Hawaiian-themed decor that will make your house and your table look like something out of HGTV, at a fraction of the cost.

Going on a summer vacation? Books for the beach are 2 for $1. At that price, you won’t have to worry if you drop your book in the ocean. And check out our toys and games – you’ll need something to keep the kids occupied on the car ride to that vacation cottage.

Get ready for those lazy, crazy days of summer starting WEDNESDAY JUNE 1 at the thrift shop!We open at 10 am so be there and be ready to shop!

2452 Alton Parkway (between Jamboree and Von Karman on Alton)
Irvine, CA 92606
(949) 955-3437 | click here for directions

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