It’s June – which means it’s time for summer blockbusters. And what’s the biggest blockbuster in Irvine? Our Assistance League of Irvine’s thrift shop SUMMER SPECTACULAR on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1!

Lights, camera, action! WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1st is the day we bring out our summer merchandise! The store will be COMPLETELY RE-STOCKED with summer tops, pants, and dresses, summer shoes and purses, and fun jewelry to go with them. You’ll need some new outfits to wear to those summer blockbuster movies, and the ALI thrift store is the place to find them.

Check out our giant selection of HAWAIIAN-THEMED CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES! These are perfect for summer barbecues or pool parties. We also have lots of summer and Hawaiian-themed decor that will make your house and your table look like something out of HGTV, at a fraction of the cost.

Going on a summer vacation? Books for the beach are 2 for $1. At that price, you won’t have to worry if you drop your book in the ocean. And check out our toys and games – you’ll need something to keep the kids occupied on the car ride to that vacation cottage.

Get ready for those lazy, crazy days of summer starting WEDNESDAY JUNE 1 at the thrift shop!We open at 10 am so be there and be ready to shop!

2452 Alton Parkway (between Jamboree and Von Karman on Alton)
Irvine, CA 92606
(949) 955-3437 | click here for directions


Blog readers, this is the week you’ve been waiting for – our last week before inventory! We’re clearing out everything in the ALI thrift shop at the INCREDIBLE SALE PRICE OF 75% OFF. That’s right – 75% OFF EVERYTHING IN THE SHOP!

BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE! On Friday May 27 we’ll have a $5 BAG SALE. Pick up a brown shopping bag at the register. Anything you can fit into the bag, will be $5 for the bag. Items in our glass cases are excluded from the $5 bag sale, but will still be 75% off. And anything that WON’T fit in the bag, is 75% off.

We’re CLOSING EARLY ON FRIDAY THE 27th AT 3 PM because of inventory. So if you want a bag of stuff for $5, make sure to come in on Friday between 10 am and 3 pm.

We love our merchandise, but we want you to come in and buy it before we have to count it.   Help us out by shopping this week at our final pre-inventory sale!


You know how people are always saying, “Fifty is the new thirty?” Not at the ALI thrift shop! FIFTY IS FIFTY! That’s FIFTY PERCENT OFF EVERYTHING IN THE SHOP this week.

You’re reading it correctly – Wednesday May 18 through Saturday May 21, everything in the shop is 50% off. For those of us who are math-challenged, that means you’ll pay HALF of the usual price on those shopping days.

When you think about how low our prices are to start with, you can’t afford to miss this sale! Hope to see all you readers at the shop!

Merchandise for Sale

  • Clothing for men, women, teens, children & infants
  • A variety of shoes & accessories
  • Home appliances & small furniture items
  • Home Decor
  • Linens
  • Glassware
  • Boutique Items: jewelry, boutique clothing, special home decor
  • Seasonal items for most occasions
  • Recreational Items: craft supplies, toys, books, music & movies

2452 Alton Parkway (between Jamboree and Von Karman on Alton)
Irvine, CA 92606
(949) 955-3437 | click here for directions

It’s SALE TIME at The Thrift Shop

May is SUPER SALES MONTH at the ALI thrift shop! (I could say that May is PRE-INVENTORY SALES MONTH, but SUPER SALES MONTH sounds so much more exciting).

That’s right – every year we take inventory at the end of May. We’re not like those retail giants who bar-code every item and can just pull up an inventory list on their computers. We count by hand. So we want to SELL as much as we can before the end of May.

To kick things off, this week (May 11, 12, 13, and 14), EVERYTHING IN THE SHOP IS 25% OFF, except for items in our glass cases.

We will have a different sale every week, ending with a “$5 a Bag” sale on Friday, May 27. But you want to SHOP NOW, because you’re not the only person reading this blog, and someone else may snag that top you’ve had your eye on. BE THERE THIS WEEK FOR 25% OFF!

Spoil mom with our affordable jewelry

“Let us not be too particular. It is better to have old second-hand diamonds than none at all.” – Mark Twain

We’re all about transparency at the ALI Thrift Shop, so if you’re looking for second-hand diamonds, you probably need to go to eBay. But if you’re looking for earrings, bracelets, or a ‘statement necklace’, we’re the place!

MOTHER’S DAY IS NEXT SUNDAY, MAY 8th – and that means it’s the perfect time to browse our jewelry department for a gift for Mom. Pierced earrings or clip earrings? Brooches or pins? Dainty filigree necklaces or exotic, bold ones? We’ve got it all!

If you have jewelry of your own that’s broken or just isn’t “you” any more, bring it in and donate it to us. Our volunteers recycle broken jewelry into craft projects, and that bracelet that reminds you of your bad prom date can find a new home. And if you DO have any diamonds that you’re tired of . . .