Is there a Baby in your Future?

According to the internet, more babies are born in August than in any other month. The theory is that people snuggle up in December when it’s cold, with the inevitable result. (Since this is southern California, I’m more inclined to believe they snuggle up in the middle of summer after they finally break down and turn on the air conditioning, but who am I to argue with the internet?)

We don’t need the internet to tell us that the ALI thrift shop is the place to go for baby clothes. Anyone who’s had a baby knows that the baby outgrows half of the clothes from the baby shower before they’re ever worn. Do not, do not, do not spend your money paying full price for infant and toddler clothing. The thrift shop has absolutely darling onesies, shirts, pants, dresses, and sweaters for a fraction of the price. We also have toys, children’s books, nursery decor, and miscellaneous baby equipment.

Going back to the internet, the website estimates that you’ll spend almost $14,000 on your baby in the first year. Save some of that money by shopping with ALI and put it into the kid’s college fund instead!


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