It’s Never Too Early . . .

Here we are in April, and that means it’s not too early to plan ahead for Mother’s Day (May 8), Memorial Day (May 30), Father’s Day (June 19), and all those bridal showers and June weddings.

I KNOW you readers are thinking, “She’s probably the kind of person who has her Christmas presents bought and wrapped by the first of October.” Not true! I procrastinate as much as anyone. Which is why I’m reminding you to start thinking ahead when you go to the ALI thrift shop!

Now there are a couple of possibilities when you visit the thrift store to look for a gift for Mom, Dad, the bride and groom, or the hostess for your Memorial Day barbeque. The first is, you walk into the shop and there it is – the perfect one-of-a-kind gift! Remember, we have new stock coming out all the time, so you need to stop in often.

The second option is that Mom, Dad, or the bride and groom have a particular item in mind that can only be found at a particular store or website. (Mom wants a bottle of perfume or Dad wants a gift certificate for a day of sport fishing or . . . you get the idea.) In this case, the thrift shop is the ideal spot to find some inexpensive little things that you can add to the gift to make it extra-special. Just wander around the shop and you’ll get lots of creative ideas. Or ask one of our volunteers for suggestions – we love to brainstorm!

And while you’re thinking ahead, don’t forget to check out our selection of gift bags, wrapping paper, and greeting cards. With ALI’s help, you’ll be ready for every occasion on your calendar!






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