Financial Literacy 101 tip: Bargain Shop

April is almost here! And that means . . . Tax Day, which is Monday, April 18th this year.

April (undoubtedly because Tax Day makes everyone think about finances) is also Financial Literacy Month. “Financial literacy” means you have the skills to manage money in everyday life: you can prepare and follow a budget, manage a bank account, understand home or auto loan terms, and compare credit card interest rates.

One of the first things financially literate people learn is how to live within their budget, and that means finding bargains. These are the customers who come to our thrift shop! They know that they can find good-quality, hardly-worn women’s and men’s clothing at significantly lower prices than the mall. They know we always have a fantastic selection of children’s clothing and toys. They check out our linens, housewares, and glassware. They know that money they save shopping with ALI, is money they can use for something else in their lives!

There are lots of resources in the library or on the internet to help you improve your financial literacy, but start with that first step: make shopping at the ALI thrift store part of your financial plan!

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