Witching hour is coming to Assistance League of Irvine. Come one… Come all.

Hop on your magic BROOMS and FLY over to the thrift shop to see our amazing selection of HALLOWEEN merchandise! We know the WITCHING HOUR of October 31 is over a month away, but if you wait you won’t have a GHOST of a chance for these bargains, because our stock will be a SKELETON of what it is right now! We’ve got an incredible supply of COSTUMES for all ages, plus all the HALLOWEEN decor you’ve been looking for to turn your home into a HAUNTED HOUSE. PUMPKINS galore, TOMBSTONES, BLACK CATS, SCARY PORTRAITS, and HALLOWEEN CANDLES for that gloomy atmosphere. Plus PARTY SUPPLIES like Halloween pencils and stickers, and awesome HALLOWEEN CARDS hand-crafted by some of our artistic members.

Our HALLOWEEN items only RISE FROM THE GRAVE (come out of their storage boxes) once a year, so visit the shop BEFORE THE CLOCK RUNS OUT and they disappear!

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