Because of YOU!


Thanksgiving is coming up, and this is the time when we give thanks for all the good things in our lives – our families, our friends, our neighbors, and the Costco pie section. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to give a special thanks  to: OUR THRIFT SHOP DONORS

Without our generous donors, we couldn’t run our thrift shop.  ALL the income from the thrift shop supports our philanthropic programs in Irvine, so everything that’s donated directly benefits our community.

Our donors are special people, because donating to the thrift shop takes a lot of steps.  Here’s what happens when you donate.  First, you sort through all the clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn in years.  Then you  try them all on, just to be absolutely sure there’s no possibility that you’ll ever fit into them again.  You empty out your car.  You put your donations in the car.   (OR, you decide to keep them and have to figure out how to fit them back into the closet.)   You drive to the thrift shop.  You unload the car.  You carry your donations into the shop.  You’re welcomed by ALI volunteers who are so excited to see what you’ve brought in, you start to reconsider… but you don’t, because you know you’re supporting people in our community who need a helping hand.

THANK YOU to all the donors  – because your willingness to take the extra time and effort to support our thrift store is the foundation for everything we do.

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