All the people you see at the Assistance League of Irvine thrift shop in the blue aprons are VOLUNTEERS.   Most of us had never worked in a store until we joined ALI.  But now we’re working at the best store in Irvine!

We love working at the thrift shop! Every shift is a new adventure.  We love welcoming our customers.  We love getting to know our regulars and helping our newbies discover our treasures.  We love connecting people with great bargains.  We love it when someone finds a replacement for the broken casserole lid.  We love it when a collector finds another silver bracelet or antique teacup.  We love showing teenage boys how to pick out a shirt and tie for their first dress-up occasion.  We love helping  you find the shoes, the scarf, or the purse that makes your outfit look like something out of the fashion pages.  And we love it when our customers tell us, “I’ll be back next week!”Image

So the next time you visit us, say hello to your ALI volunteers, because we LOVE to have you shopping with us!

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