DIY Button Flower Tutorial

Have any old buttons or beads lying around? Grab some floral wire or any wire that will fit through buttonholes and let’s get started! This craft is fun to do with a large selection of all-different shapes and sizes and colors of buttons. The wider selection you have to choose from the better! I prefer to use 18 or 20 gauge floral wire cut to 18” lengths. Anything thinner than 20 gauge may not support the weight.

Buttons 4 Materials

-Selection of buttons

-Wire (18 or 20 gauge green floral wire cut to 18” lengths)

-Small jar or a small vase


The buttons you use don’t have to be perfect, scuffs and scratches tend to add character to the finished flowers.

You can stack as few or as many buttons or beads on top of one another to make a flower. You will find that it is a very addictive craft and before you know it you’ll have a whole bouquet!


1. Choose at least two or more buttons of different sizes that will stack on top of each other.

2. Bend a piece of wire exactly in half.

3. Start threading the buttons onto the wire, make sure that the right side of the button faces towards the top of the flower. When working with 4 holed buttons, be sure to thread them on the wire through two opposite holes to keep spacing even.

4. After threading all the buttons on, turn the flower over and twist the ends of the wire together.

5. After you have finished making as many flowers as you would like, put them together into a bouquet. Twist some tape around the bouquet that you have created before putting them in a jar or vase.

We hope you give this craft a try. It’s a great way to use up your stray buttons!

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